Reinette Charbonneau
Full Name Reinette Chabonneau
Nationality French
Age 38
Birthday December 27
Height 5'9"
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Assembly Second
Status Alive
Face Claim Charlize Theron

About Reinette...

Reinette was born on the ADVIVO station, like most citizens. She flourished in almost everything she did and this made her very ambitious. From a tender age, she had set her mind on becoming an officer in charge of an Assembly of prisoners to Earth. After years of toil and hard work, she got her dream, but with a cost.

Reinette harbours deep secrets. She wasn't the prim-and-proper lady that she made herself out to be. Born in a fairly low status family, she had to make it to the top in ways which were unorthodox for someone to get such a position. Drug trafficking and forgery, a bit of poison here and there and soon she found herself getting that dream job. She was never caught, though, far too sly for the system and she covered her tracks, leaving no loose ends. This dirty way to get what she wanted resulted in her becoming corrupt and ruthless. Her intentions, while noble, had been tainted and now she was only in it for the power and status.

Eventually, she became Officer-in-charge of the Second Assembly, and is currently in Earth, with her colleague, Alexei Morozov.

Reinette has become ruthless and cold, unemotional and very corrupt. She plays by her own rules and is not one to be crossed for she simply does not tolerate disobedience or challenges to her rules. Her domineering air makes her both feared and respected among her colleagues. If there's anything she won't do- it's appear weak. For Reinette, it's either go hard or go home and she has no intention of leaving Earth just yet.


Officer Charbonneau -Officer
~Officer-in-Charge of 2nd Assembly
 – "When a woman stays young and beautiful, the world is hers."

"What is it? I'm extremely busy and if this isn't good then get out!"

+Decisive, Powerful, Confident.
-Harsh, Corrupt, Ruthless.