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Prisoner #13998


Micah Wells
Full Name Micah Joseph Wellington
Nationality American
Age 21
Birthday March 13th
Height 6'0"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Prisoner Number #13998
Assembly Third Assembly
Crime(s) Disorderly Conduct & Under-age Drinking
Status Alive
Face Claim Ash Stymest

Micah W. Prisoner #13998
- "Joint, anyone?"

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Look on the bright side, we've got real freedom!

Micah's parents had him at a young age. They didn't care for him. Well, they did at first but eventually gave up, learning that they were not ready for a child- especially Micah. Safe to say, he gave everyone a hard time. He wasn't a favourite among teachers as he quite often disrupted class. But his classmates didn't dislike him. Micah had no problems socially.

Eventually, he got kicked out of his classes. It wasn't even easy to get him out of school. All children on Advivo must get education but the teachers convinced the councillors and so Micah found himself becoming a custodian at 14. His social status dropped; no one wanted to be friends with a drop-out. Micah thought life was horrible and to make things worse, his parents didn't support him one bit. So he swept and cleaned until an idea popped into his head.

After joining the custodial staff aboard Advivo, Micah was given keys to various rooms around the ship. He pretty much had a visual map of Advivo in his head and he knew every inch of the ship. He saw this as a perfect opportunity to win back friends and have fun. Micah hosted parties in rooms he had access too after curfew and people joined him. Soon, he was back on top of the social pyramid.

One night, Micah and three of his friends, Charlotte, Elias & Joel, were hanging out in an area of Advivo. They were having fun; smoking, drinking, etc. before suddenly, a group of guards caught them and threw them in jail. It turns out, they were at a restricted area that was under surveillance. Micah was 18 at the time of his arrest. He was a part of the Third Assembly.

+ positive, honest, whimsical
- irresponsible, reckless, cocky
Micah is pretty carefree. He likes to stay positive but sometimes tries too hard. He needs to understand that not everyone has a reason to be optimistic in certain situations. Micah doesn't easily get angered or annoyed. Pester him all you want; he'll only brush you off. But he doesn't always think before he acts. If you ask him to do something, don't expect it to be done either at all or correctly.