Louis Belrose: Relationships


Fellow Prisoners:
On Earth, Louis has met many fellow Criminals. Though he doubts many of them would make a lasting impact on him or his outlook on life, a few of them have left an impression on him. 
  • Callie Bishop: Neutral 
She got punched the other day in the Campfire. I'm not quite sure why, exactly- but you know. Anyway she didn't really defend herself so I only really feel pity for her. She doesn't strike me as very strong.
  • Emma Rayne: Positive
I saved her and at first she was a b*tch about it. But now she and I have an unwritten promise/alliance/whatever. She's awfully rude, too- but I can live with that. Also, she has a pretty face. Did I mention she almost died but I saved her?
  • Levi Brown: Neutral
Met him briefly in the campfire. He complains a lot because he was sent here for nothing he did? Ah well, he's signing his own death sentence by complaining loudly.
  • Luna Kaspar: Negative-Neutral
She's a bit too perky and too chatty for me to get close... I fear she'd spill out secrets to anyone. She's also unpredictable- she told us she stole a tent and claimed she had no idea why she did that.
  • Sophie O'Connor Positive
She seems nice. She's not a total airhead like some of the others, and she knows full well what we're dealing with here. Could make a valuable ally.
  • Zandria Fletcher Positive
That girl should have been executed the day she broke her first law. I think she's unstable and if I could, I'd drown her at first dawn.