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Louis Belrose
Full Name Louis Belrose
Nationality French-American
Age 20
Birthday October 21
Height 5'8"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Prisoner Number 49178
Assembly Third Assembly
Crime(s) Theft, Blackmail
Status Alive
Face Claim Jesse Eisenberg

About Louis...

Louis was born in Advivo to the estranged Camille Belrose when she was only 24- her husband, Marc, wasn't exactly a law-abiding citizen. A few months after Louis was concieved, Marc was sent to Earth- for sexual abuse to minors. It was a horrific time for Camille and she was struck with grief. Louis' birth was agonizing and painful- and it resulted in Camille's death. Louis was brought up an orphan- fending for himself and ensuring that he wouldn't starve. The only thing he had from his father was a pack of playing cards, passed down from generation to generation- which Louis used to play tricks on people before he pickpocketed them. The way his methods would work were simple- capture the people's attention with his sleight of hand and card tricks, and while they're diverted- grab something; a wallet, bracelet- the odd coin or two. It worked quite well- until he was caught by some guards, and was sent to Earth.

Louis is very sly and clever- he thinks quickly on his feet, and can string elaborate lies in a matter of seconds. In that sense- his brain arranges details together faster than others, and he has used these on many occaisons to get out of trouble. He is very aware of this gift and therefore very, very arrogant. Like, holy hell, this guy is arrogant. Not to mention vain- this makes him target fancier, more elegant things to steal- watches and jewellery attract him more due to their aesthetic appeal. His vanity also stretches out to his looks- Louis can spend hours just perfecting all detail of his facial features or putting back stray hairs which have fallen out of place.


Louis Belrose -Thief
~Prisoner #49178
 – "The closer you look; the less you see"

"Freedom is a length of rope. God wants you to hang yourself with it."

+Intelligent, Witty, Intuitive
-Vain, Arrogant, Materialistic