Leia Eileen West

Leia West
Full Name Leia Eileen West
Nationality Canadian
Age 17
Birthday May 3rd
Height 5'4"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Family West Family, Herself
Prisoner Number #49422
Assembly First Assembly
Crime(s) Murder, Resisting Arrest, One Child Policy
Status Alive
Face Claim Karen Gillan


Leia was born to Jace and Kay West in Advivo. She was always the sweet little girl who could fend for herself. She was independant, and was glad of the no siblings rule. Of course, she knew her parents weren't. They were always trying for another kid, which kinda made Leia angry. She constantly got in fights with her mother about this, asking her if she wasn't good enough, if Leia disappointed them. Her mother always said she didn't, but of course, Leia didn't believe them.

So, after a while of trying, They finally gave birth- to a little girl. Leia wasn't there for the birth, or the homecoming, but she was there at the wrong time. Due to the Siblings rule, Leia had to go to Earth. She resisted- she bit, kicked, scratched and punched, and the like, and she grabbed her little sister, and locked herself in a room. There, she looked for anything, anything sharp, something that could kill, but didn't find anything. She reduced to strangling the poor thing, just so she wouldn't go to Earth.... which obviously backfired. Once they managed to get the door open, the baby was limp, and Leia was in shock. She'd kill her baby sister...

Her parents were angry with her, her mother in tears and her father literally yelling at them to take her away. Leia didn't resist, but she was charged them for resisting arrest before, Murder, and having a Sibling- even though it was now dead.


She's independent, smart, and sweet- but not innocent. She lost that when she first admitted to herself that she murdered somebody in cold blood- one of her kin, even. She can seem innocent, though, which she had eventually learned to use for her own good. She could manipulate people, but not enough a to where she could get off Earth. She can be a bit pessimistic once she gets to thinking too much, and can lash out on somebody if they annoy her too much, but she makes that up by being exceptionally caring most of the time. She seriously regrest what she had done back on Advivo- if it wasn't for the rule, maybe she'd be able to live with her little sister. Now she'll never know. Not to mention she misses her family.

Positive: Sweet, Independent, Caring

Negative:Manipulative, Pessimistic, Aggressive