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A few important terms and points you should know:
  • FC - face claim or model, whatever you want to call it. For more info on that, please go to this page.
  • OOC and IC - out of character and in character.
  • The wiki is set in a post-apocalyptic environment in the future. There is no set date. 
  • You will roleplay a juvenile on Earth; not a current inhabitant in Advivo.

Roleplays are started with word bubbles! This is what a word bubble looks like:


Callie B. Prisoner #50529
- "I was hungry...?"

 – 20:34, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

We're home.

Typed out, it looks like this:

{{Callie|~~~~~|We're home.}} 

How to create a word bubble

  • Create a new page titled "Template:*character name*"
  • Copy and paste this code then fill it out:
{{Word Bubble 
|image           = image name with the ending code (.jpg, .bmp, .png, etc.)
|color           = top background color code 
|color2          = bottom background color code
|textcolor       = top text color code
|textcolor2      = bottom text color code
|line            = middle line color code
|fonttype        = font style
|charname        = the name you want your character to be known by
|charpage        = the exact page name of your character
|prisoner number = prisoner number without the hash/pound sign (#)
|title           = title(s) or quote, etc.
|time            = {{{1}}}
|text            = {{{2}}}
  • Click Publish!

How to start conversations with word bubbles - IMPORTANT

Roleplaying will be a little different here so familiarize yourself with this. They won't take place in the comments or the actual pages.  If you want to start a conversation with a specific character or in a specific location:

  • Go to the location page and scroll down to the bottom where the discussion area is.
  • Simply click "Start a Discussion".
  • Select either the "First Assembly RP", "Second Assembly RP", or the "Third Assembly RP" board (depends on which assembly your character belongs in).
    • Select the "1-on-1 Roleplay" board if you're starting a discussion in a character's page.
  • Click "What do you want to talk about?" and come up with a title.
    • The title could be something creative, the location, or the names of the characters.
  • Enter this code as your message:
{{*name of your character's word bubble template*|~~~~~|*message*}} 
  • Under "Topic", you can leave that blank, don't worry about it.
  • Click "Post" and wait for a reply!

If you just want to start a general conversation with anyone in any location, just go here and start a discussion! Hopefully, someone will join you and converse.

Example Roleplay

For an example of a roleplay, look here. The thread has been closed to prevent future replies.

What to talk about

Anything! You are free to literally talk about anything you want, as long as you're in character. Comment on the weather, ask if anyone wants to go hunting or exploring or something, think out loud, join another conversation and say hello, start talking about an event, anything! You don't even have to use speech, maybe you're just walking.

If you don't want anyone butting into your roleplay, make it clear somewhere that it's a private roleplay. If it's open, make that clear too so people know that they can join it if they'd like.

Finished roleplays

When a roleplay is finished, you may tell an admin so they could close the thread for discussion.

And that's about it! If you have any questions regarding roleplaying, don't be shy to ask an admin. Have fun!

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