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A little history lesson...
While Earth was devastated by war, massive freak natural disasters, catastrophic climate change and a pandemic, 16 separate and international space stations filled with 480 astronauts were in orbit. They were the survivors- as far they knew. As it was no longer safe to return to their home planet, the space stations decided to link together and form one big station collectively called Advivo in order to keep the survivors alive and preserve (what they think) is what's left of the human species.

The present...

Now, 80 years has passed and generations have been born. The population on Advivo has increased to about 5,000. The station was once filled with plenty of resources but is now running low on supply. It's once relaxed and sometimes merry atmosphere has drastically changed as the inhabitants of Advivo increased. Population control is extremely important and capital punishment is often the answer. There was a recently institutionalized strict rule on the amount of children a couple could have and that is one to keep the population under control.

Could it be?

Throughout the years, the intelligent (and some who were wealthy enough to be in space in the first place) have carefully kept an eye out for Earth. They've observed that maybe Earth can be habitable again. Facing the problem of completely running out of supplies eventually, the leaders of Advivo have decided to send down people to test if Earth can be livable again. But not just random inhabitants, of course. Why risk such lives if the mission fails? So instead, a group of juvenile delinquents considered unimportant were chosen to be the guinea pigs.

The experimental subjects...
For years, prisoners were killed at the age of 25 to make room aboard Advivo- until now. Ranging from ages 15 to 25, all of these delinquents were seized from their living quarters and arrested for a variety of crimes (some petty, others not) they were suspected or caught committing on Advivo. Now forcefully being sent down assembly by assembly to a place their ancestors once called home, these young people must now face the challenge of figuring out if Earth is indeed adequate enough and, at the same time, survive in an unknown environment; the survival of the spatial human race is in their hands.

Get ready

Will these vulnerable juveniles find a way to work together and get over their differences or will they crumble? How will they cope in an ambience without the safety and protection of Advivo? Do they know what they're doing? What's out there- was the entire civilization wiped out for sure? They're not alone. Nor free from harm.

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Welcome to Earth.

~inspired by The 100~


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