rped by lilly mara 


"I'm Fayette Kirkland, one of the three people on this earth lucky enough to have never been to prison on Advivo. It's technically Officer Kirkland which is what the juveniles down here are supposed to call me - but I'm not all that strict about it. Had I not been raised deliberately and carefully to be an officer by my parents, who wanted me to get that kind of job, I'd probably be like them. We could have sent probes, or who knows what technology jargon to make deductions for us - I can tell as well as everyone can that they just wanted to get them off of Advivo. Sure, it was great getting to lock them up, but this was definitely one step too far."

"Sometimes I wonder about Earth, whether this was really a safe operation. With radiation, who knows what mutations of humans may have been born and survive here, or any animal to boot? Then again, these juveniles have a very...wide-range skillset. So, we could possibly survive down here. If all three of our assemblies can survive, together or not, then we can all live down on Earth again. If everything goes wrong, they'll take me back to Advivo. So either way, for me, I suppose there's nothing to lose."