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It's time to apply! We hope you've read the rules and guidelines, that's very important and we will be checking if you have. Please fill out the required sections below by replacing what is in the brackets.

OOC InfoEdit

  • What is your timezone?
  • Activity Level? (from 1-10, 1 being the least active and 10 being the most) 6/7
  • Any comments/questions?

IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name: (first name, last name. Middle name is optional) Sophie Marie O'Connor
  • Model: (NAME AND/OR PICTURE. Please make sure you've read this page before making a choice) Rose Leslie
  • Age: (must be between 15-25) 21
  • Birth date (optional): (there is no set year. Just a month and a day accepted) April 7th
  • Crime: (look here for a list of crimes) Pickpocketing

Tell us about your character. Make sure it's at least a paragraph long. Who are they? Who are their parents? Why did they commit the crime? etc.

Sophie never met her birth parents. They both died of disease back on Advivo. She spent her childhood living in the orphan quarters of the station, only leaving when she could sneak out. She tried her best to care for all of the younger children living in the quarters and took a leadership role. Eventually, on her 15th birthday to be exact, she had to leave. She had grown to old to continue to live in the orphan quarters and was left to fend for herself. She resorted to pick pocketing off of other civilians walking through the hall. She thought no one would ever suspect a 15 year for lost money. And no one did for a long time. She often sneaked back to the orphan quarters to deliver food and small gifts she bough with the stolen money. As she grew older and robbed more people, more people began to recognize and remember her. At age 20, she was finally caught in the act by a guard, causing her to be sent to Earth.

Tell us what your character is like. Make sure it's at least a paragraph long. Sophie is a very loving and warm hearted person. She loves to meet new people and hated the fact that she had to steal for a living, but it was to provide for those she cared about. She is a natural caretaker but can also be on the bossy side. She is very particular and things have to go exactly as planned or she will get stressed. Expect to see this trait a lot, as Earth is fairly unpredictable.

  • 3 Negative Adjectives (optional): (look here for examples)Bossy, Stubbron, Over emotional
  • 3 Positive Adjectives (optional): (look here for example)Compassionate, optimistic, sociable


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