• Sam, in a hat. (PS, to Speck, she has a hat on, and her face is alot more in depth in this photo.)
  • Sam building something (her hair is straight in this photo)
  • Sam going to prison (she's in alot of punkish clothes)
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IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name: Samantha Richards
  • Model: Kaya S
  • Age: 16
  • Birth date (optional): October 6th
  • Crime: (look here for a list of crimes) Defined Authority, Possionion of  Drugs, Resiting Authorities, Sexual Intercouse with a minor, Disorderly Conduct, and Consumption of Alcohol under the righly age and Assault,Protest/Resisting Arrest, and Truancy
  • Assembly: Second


She was born in a rough and tumble family in the space station. But, she was acually pretty decent in school, compared to most of her family she was. She acually had a troubled childhood, not with crime or anything, just her behavior in class sometimes.

\She acted quite rebillous and sometimes studied, but not often. She was very serctive, only trusting her best of friends to keep her serects, Sam was a helpful girl, if you deserved the help, she gave it to you. But she was known for being a big trouble-maker. Sam also loved moon-walking in her days at home. She often bounced around, laughing so hard it hurt.

She moved on being a gang member, she had intercous with many people, drunk as heck, and she beat up people when she wasn't drunk. She also had possession of drugs, and alcoholic beverages, but once the authorities found out about what her gang was doing.

She resisted them, she tired to out run them, but was arrested, kicking and screaming.


She's a very friendly person, but she is very headstrong and proud. She is a poliet person around teachers, but sometimes she fakes polietness to get into a teacher's good book. But mostly she loves to cause trouble. She loves pranks, she is a creative person once it comes to that. Sam is a very brave and good hearted person. She is serctive to a level, but not really. She can be very corky and sweet heatred sometimes.

  • 3 Negative Adjectives (optional): (look here for examples)
  • Rude, Arrogant, Ruthless
  • 3 Positive Adjectives (optional): (look here for example)
  • Friendly, Brave, Prankister

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