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  • What is your timezone? British
  • Activity Level? (from 1-10, 1 being the least active and 10 being the most) 8
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  • Is this your first character? No

IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name: (first name, last name. Middle name is optional) Heather Elizabeth Mason
  • Model: (NAME AND/OR PICTURE. Please make sure you've read this page before making a choice)
  • Age: 17
  • Birth date (optional): February 23
  • Crime: Siblings,Resisting Arrest,Blackmail,Pickpocketing,Breaking Curfew
  • Assembly: First

Heather Elizabeth Mason was a feisty child from the very beginning. Some admired her almost reckless bravery, but the officers knew she was destined to get up to no good in the very near future- a reckless redhead that didn't care for people in authority or the rules they made. They were right- Heather grew to be nasty and vindictive to the point that her parents isolated her.

This suited Heather just fine, because she would pretend to go to bed, then sneak out just before curfew and steal from unsuspecting pockets. Nobody ever noticed- because she blackmailed them into not saying. When her parents had a child, everyone she had ever stolen from spilled the beans on everything, and she was found in a corner after curfew.

She bit and all, but it didn't prevent her arrest.


Heather has a vindictive and angry attitude. She's rebellious, because she rebelled against her parents' wishes all her life. She pushes everyone away and enjoys sweet isolation most of the time. Her favourite place is a dense part of the forest, because it's quiet and she can have deep thought.

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