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OOC InfoEdit

  • What is your timezone? Central
  • Activity Level? 9
  • Any comments/questions? None, at the moment.

IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name: Arwen & Brennan Martin
  • Model: (Brennan) Aneurin Barnard (Arwen) Gemma Arterton
  • Age:  19
  • Birth date (optional): April 6th
  • Crime: Vandalism, Arson, One child law
  • Assembly: Second (Via Peer Pressure)


Born as twins, Arwen and Brennan were extremely close, yet very unlucky, under the law of having only one child, the two were forced into lives of secrets and lies. Their parents, while loving and sweet, did their best to protect their children. Arwen, being prettier and much more presentable, was the only child the Martin family had, while Brennan stayed inside, away from the eyes of the law. The twins, despite the many reasons to hate one another, stayed almost inseperable, when it was late and they weren't at the risk of being found, their bodies were glued together, they slept coiled in each other's arms. 

This is how they passed their lives, once they came of age, and Arwen was given more freedom, they began to fill their bones with distate, not for their lives, or how they would be treated if they were found out: but at the fact that they would never be able to walk together, in full honesty that they were siblings, they'd forever be wrapped in lies unless they did something, anything, to change the laws. This is where the crime came, after curfew, whenever they could, they'd tear things up, mark what they could, in retaliation. 

One day, they took it too far, with alcohol from the cabinet, a few soaked pieces of cloth, and a lighter each: They snuck into the halls of the advivo, and with their makeshift moltov cocktails, they set fire to the common rooms, their downfall was the fact that they stayed close to one another, if they had kept their distance they might not have been caught, but when the two of them ran head first into an officer, they were in fact, f***ed: A bit after they were caught, they were sent to earth. 


They are very quiet and collected, when their trust is earned, they become more open, yet retain a negative attitude to things, if they are separated they become almost catatonic, neither of them able to think straight, basically turning into babies, other than that they're pretty cool I guess.

  • 3 Negative Adjectives (optional): Introverted, Abrasive, Clingy
  • 3 Positive Adjectives (optional): Intelligent, Empathetic, skilled. 


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