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It's time to apply! We hope you've read the rules and guidelines, that's very important and we will be checking if you have. Please fill out all of the required sections below.

OOC InfoEdit

  • What is your timezone? EST
  • Activity Level? (from 1-10, 1 being the least active and 10 being the most)7-8
  • Any comments/questions?
  • Is this your first character? Yes

IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name: Annie Sandra Barletta
  • Model: Andrea Russett
  • Age: 18
  • Birth date (optional): (there is no set year. Just a month and a day accepted) July 8th
  • Crime: (look here for a list of crimes) Possesion of Drugs
  • Assembly: (First, Second, or Third? Look here for more information) First

Tell us about your character. Make sure it's at least a paragraph long. Who are they? Who are their parents? How was their childhood? Why did they commit the crime? etc.

Annie had a hard life. Her father beat her and Her mother was a druggie. Annie turned 15 and she took some of her moms drugs and became hooked. She took them everyday for 3 years until the government found out and took Annie to jail. Annie hates it here but she has made some friends.

Her parents miss her everyday and Annie misses them too. But little does she know, they replaced her with a baby boy named Reyher Barletta. Annie would have been arrested anyways because of Reyher being born.

Annie is really sweet and funny. She has that dumb blonde personality that most blondes have even if she isnt blonde. Shes bitchy at times and she can be down to earth and loving.

  • 3 Negative Adjectives (optional): (look here for examples) Bitchy, Weird, Freak
  • 3 Positive Adjectives (optional): (look here for example) Sweet, Amazing, Down-To-Earth

Other (important)Edit

*Annie was born in a drugged house
  • Application password: Advivo

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