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OOC InfoEdit

  • What is your timezone? British
  • Activity Level? (from 1-10, 1 being the least active and 10 being the most) 8 from now
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IC InfoEdit

  • Character Name:Alexis Sierra Rey
  • Model: Alexandra Daddario
  • Age: 16
  • Birth date (optional): 19 July
  • Crime: Food Storage Theft
  • Assembly: Second

At first, Alexis Sierra Rey, single child of John and Freya Rey, had an alright upbringing on Advivo- but when the meagre food the family could offer her was no longer enough for her growing stomach, she at first started by the method of begging. Then, when she figured out that the people had no sympathy for her, at the age of fourteen she began to steal food for her family.


Alexis is very sarcastic- she's what you'd call a mean girl. She can lie so well that it's nearly impossible to discern whether she's lying or speaking honestly. But she has a tender spot for family, and unfortunately for her they discovered it- trying to get her parents to talk squeezed the truth out of her. She doesn't believe in love anymore- after that.

  • 3 Negative Adjectives (optional): Liar,Bitter,Sarcastic
  • 3 Positive Adjectives (optional): Intelligent,Social,Careful

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