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Officer-in-charge of the First Assembly


Alexei Morozov
Full Name Alexei Morozov
Nationality Russian
Age 23
Birthday August 17th
Height 5'8"
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Family Councillor Morozov & Vera (parents)
Assembly First Assembly
Status Alive
Face Claim Anton Yelchin

Officer Morozov -First Assembly
"No, stop, l-listen to me! W-wait!"
 – 17:37, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

H-hold up, stop fooling around! Please!

The Morozovs are quite well-known on Advivo. Alexei's distant relatives were not only wealthy, but were also very smart. His father is Councillor Morozov. Alexei was raised to be an officer. He was always pressured to succeed and follow the footsteps of his parents. But Alexei is different. He just doesn't have the leadership qualities that his parents possess. But no one wants to accept this and force him into situations they think he can handle. On board, Alexei was definitely not one of the best officers around. His fellow officers and prisoners on board always made fun of him. Somehow, he always found a way to screw something up but people didn't want to give up on him, especially his parents.

When the plan to send prisoners down to Earth surfaced, all officers were sure that one of them was going to be sent down. There had to be at least one person down there as a figure of authority watching over the prisoners and making sure they remember why they were sent down in the first place. No one wanted to go down. Everyone thought it was too risky. Except for Alexei. He thought he could handle it and he offered himself up so he could prove to everyone else that he isn't a bad officer.

Unfortunately for the young Alexei, watching over a bunch of criminals let loose on Earth is a lot more pressuring than working in space.

+ loyal, courteous, impartial
- gullible, naive, discouraged
Alexei is loyal and seems like one of the nicest people around. But really he hides his slightly non-existent self-confidence with a smile. He is gullible and was one of the less experienced officers on board. He has an embarrassing stutter that he's trying to lose and always tries to take control of the situation. But Alexei won't give up. Not yet, at least.


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