Role-Played By Emerald Phoenix
Adora Shadow Name
Prisoner #69961

Adora Shadow Picture

Adora Shadow
Adora Shadow Character Picture
Full Name Adora Shadow
Nationality American
Age 16
Birthday January 23rd
Height 5'7
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family Mary and John Shadow (Parents}

Samuel(Sam)Shadow (Brother}

Prisoner Number #69961
Assembly First Assembly
Crime(s) Siblings, Protest/Resisting Arrest, Defied Curfew
Status Alive
Face Claim Jessica Alba


Adora was born on the January 23rd to Mary and John Shadow, she was born on Advivo. She is the couple's first child.  She was a very spirited child from the beginning she become courage, and was shy too; she also loved her parents a lot. She is Samuel's (Sam) older sister. She loves to read anything and everything, she loves animals. Adora sort of likes to study. She loves watching movies.  She thinks her family is dysfunctional as they seem to be hush-hush about curtain things.  She regrettable got a younger sibling when she was 4 years old. When she turned 16 years old, she was arrested and sent to earth. When they  arrested her she fought back, she kicked, bit, she also tried to run, but they caught her. Adora is charged for Siblings, Protest/Resisting Arrest and Defied Curfew. She was sentence to go to earth. 


Adora, sometimes known as Adora Shadow, is cynical, sarcastic, aloof,  tough, yet deeply caring. Adora is strongly guided by her own conscience, and has a keen feeling of what is right from wrong. She is very courageous, brave, careful and loyal. She also kind, loving. She loved to tease of her brother Samuel (Sam) nickname Sammy, also very protective . Adora is very careful who she trusts. When she trusts somebody she is very loyal.


She had a good relationship with her parents, and was very close and protective of her younger brother Sam.


Coming To EarthEdit

Adora Shadow came to earth with the First Group/Assembly of individuals to land in early August.

The officer-in-charge is Alexei Morozov

Word BubbleEdit

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Adora Shadow Prisoner #69961
- Unravel this mystery, grasshopper. What’s the sound of one hand hitting you upside your head, hmm?

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Hello, my name is Adora Shadow, prisoner no is #69961